Friday, May 27, 2011

Robo Rick Scott

I literally laughed when I saw this this. Gov. Rick Scott got hammered badly yesterday by Democrats, Republicans and for his tea party only budget at the Villages. Team Scott went to DEFCON 5. Florida voters can now hear Scott's voice on a robocall.

“Hi, this is Gov. Rick Scott. I’m calling to personally tell you about the state budget I signed yesterday. My jobs budget delivers on promises I made to all Floridians to put job creation front and center and hold state government accountable. And it does.
“But no budget is perfect. That’s why I used my line-item veto to eliminate more than $615 million in wasteful special interest projects. But while special interest waste felt my veto pen, I made sure to protect more than $150million directed to our schools and school children.
“I’ve also called on the state Legislature to redirect part of this special interest waste to our schools and increase state education funding. Less waste should mean more for education.
“Thank you for your your time. Sponsored by the Republican Party of Florida.”

Conservatives pundits love to say that Democrats need to govern from the center. Scott's poll numbers are tanking. Where are the calls from pundits that Scott needs to be a centrist.



At May 27, 2011 5:36 PM , Anonymous said...

you know things are going bad when the governor of a state thinks that the state university system is a "special interest". And he does this under the mantra of job creation when everybody knows that health care is the biggest current employer now and in the future.
I guess that the new nursing college at FGCU which just got defunded doesn't fit the right wing definition of "school"
I know we needed to sacrifice in this economic situation but going after universities and teachers and public employees is an obvious sign that this government is going after anyone who may fit the definition of liberal.


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