Thursday, May 26, 2011

Democracy Is A Private Event For A Select Few

Gov. Rick Scott is suppose to represent all the people of Florida. Even those that did not vote for him in the general election. Apparently, if you are a Democrat or a protester then you need not bother attending the governor's budget signing. Tea Party members can come on down to the signing ceremony.

Gov. Rick Scott said this morning that he was going to The Villages to sign the state budget to give people a chance to "answer their questions." But Aaron Sharockman reports from Sumter County that some people aren't allowed into the event.

A group from The Villages Democratic Club was kicked across the street, told by Scott staffer Russ Adams that the event was private. The event space was leased by the Florida Republican Party and sheriff's deputies are escorting from the property people with Democratic-leaning signs.

The move raises questions about whether taxpayer money was used for the private event and why Scott would sign a budget that affects all Floridians at a private event.

Is Scott afraid retired seniors in the Villages are going to riot against him? It is bad when Scott is worried about negative crowd reaction in a conservative retirement community.

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