Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Will Alan Grayson Run?

The blogger who shall not be named thinks Alan Grayson is running again. Grayson hasn't done anything to make people think otherwise. Garyson was asked by Politico if he was thinking of running again. "Yes," Grayson answered.

Kyle Munzenrieder floats the idea of Grayson running against Sen. Marco Rubio in 2016. That race would give me a year's worth of blogging material. The media would have a collective orgasm if the race came to fruition.

Grayson must be more disciplined if he wishes to run again. Grayson made the bad mistake of calling lobbyist Linda Robertson a "K Street whore." I don't believe that Grayson meant to imply that Robertson was a professional escort. The comment was in poor taste.

I have covered the issue of Grayson's ad against Dan Webster. I find Webster's form of Christianity of frightening. The fact remains that Grayson misquoted Webster in the ad. What wasn't mentioned as much is the infamous "Taliban Dan Ad" and the Grayson ad below was the worst kind of fear-mongering aimed at Muslims. This kind of xenophobic is uncalled for from a progressive Democrat.


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