Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rick Scott's Education Flip Flop

Gov. Rick Scott proposed Draconian to education. Now Scott is saying that the Florida legislature could restore those cuts in a special session. Florida House Speaker Dean Cannon and Sen. Mike Fasano say when did Scott start caring about education? It is bad when Republican elected official are saying the a Republican Governor doesn't care about education.


“What is more surprising is the Governor’s sudden emphasis on K-12 education. The budget we sent him funds education at a higher level than the Governor recommended just a few months ago, when he proposed a 10% cut to the FEFP. The Governor communicated numerous priorities during session, and we did our best to accommodate him. It would have been helpful if the Governor had shared this new found emphasis with us before the budget was finalized.

“It is the Governor’s constitutional authority to veto line items in the budget, and I respect his decisions. The vetoes of general revenue appropriations will further increase the more than $2 billion the Legislature set aside in our state’s reserves, which will help protect our bond rating and ensure that we have ample reserves in the event of an emergency.”

Fasano calls Scott's bluff.

"When did Governor Scott all of a sudden care about our teachers? It's a bit disingenuous when he says we should have put more money into helping our teachers when the budget he presented to the Florida Legislature in January cut education almost twice as much than what the legislature finally passed. I guess he read his poll numbers yesterday. If he truly wants the Florida Legislature to take the vetoed dollars and put them in to our educational system he should immediate call the Legislators back for a special session so we can avoid teacher layoffs."

Boy, I wonder if Fasano likes Scott. What do you think, dear reader.

Don't hold your breath for Scott calling a special session. Scott is just posturing and very badly at that.

Update: The Republican budget criticism continues. Sen. Paula Dockery takes Scott to task on Twitter for vetoing St. Johns River restoration.

can it get worse for FL env?“@bruceritchie: Gov Scott vetoes $305M for land buying (if land is sold) and $10M for St Johns River restoration

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