Friday, May 27, 2011

Jesse Lee Appointed to Obama's Rapid Response

Jesse Lee used to blog for the DCCC. (I know since I exchanged a few emails with him during his tenure at the DCCC.) Andrew Breitbart rattles off a crazy conspiracy theory that Lee was once the leader of the anti-war movement. The truth is Lee is an establishment Democrat.

BREITBART: Jesse Lee was at the forefront of the antiwar blogging movement, a point in time in which the same media that is out there saying that you can't criticize the president, Barack Obama, were out there saying 'dissent is patriotic' and so Jesse was protected by the media. Now he wants to go after Fox News, AM talk radio, Andrew Breitbart, and what he's doing is adding an extra protective layer to George Soros -- all the media that he's buying, and now Media Matters, which is a --

MURPHY: This is the Hannity show, not Beck.

BREITBART: This is a $15 million a year operation to try and shut up dissent. This is exactly what they do in totalitarian leftist nations like Venezuela. They try to shut people up.

BREITBART: He's a hit artist.

MURPHY: So are you!

The Clinton campaign in 1992 started a rapid response team. Bill Clinton didn't want to be paralyzed from political attacks like Michael Dukakis. The Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama campaigns both had rapid response teams to counter media criticism and attacks by opponents. Of course, Fox News and conservative talk radio is freaking out.

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