Saturday, May 28, 2011

Quote of the Day

"Yeah, well I think the situation now in Iran is such that Secretary Gates is negotiating with whether the United States military will be there beyond the end of this year. And they're looking to the Iranians to see if they invite the Americans to stay, invite us to stay. And if they do invite us to stay at some very reduced level I think the United States will be wise, until we make sure that they get to the next level of stability, to accept that invitation. So if Iran makes that invitation by the end of the year, leaving a residual force, a greatly reduced force, but a residual force that would be there for a temporary amount of time. Until they could establish much better air security, until they can develop their intelligence —"

Tim Pawlenty

The reporter in the video corrected Pawlenty on confusing Iran with Iraq. This is the same Pawlenty who had the audacity to call Obama a doofus. The word doofus is used to describe someone with a low level of intelligence. Pawlenty has yet to impress anyone with his intellect.

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