Friday, May 27, 2011

Scott's Poorly Attended Village Signing

I wrote yesterday about how Gov. Rick Scott would only allow supporters to attend his budget signing at the Villages. The St. Petersburg Times reports only about 200 people attending. Some of those people were holding anti-Scott signs and asked to leave. Subtract the number of protester rejected and that doesn't leave a lot of people. Scott has angered fellow Republicans and his poll numbers are in the tank. Scott's only base is the Florida Chamber of Commerce.

Side note: I am getting tired of Republican politicians using law enforcement to restrict free speech.

"Signs that support the governor are allowed to stay, but signs that don't are told to leave?" asked Bud Webber, 73, of Orlando, who came to watch the budget signing but was not with the protesters. "Come on. That's ridiculous."

Republican Party of Florida chairman David Bitner defended the decision, saying the event was meant to celebrate the 2011-12 state budget.

"The people who protested against this budget are the people whose ox got gored," Bitner said.

Never again take Bitner seriously when Bitner talks about protecting the Constitution. Bitner has lost all credibility on the issue.

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