Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kendrick Meek Zombie Watch: More Crist Democratic Endorsements

Two more Democrats abandon the sinking ship known that is the Kendrick Meek campaign. Palm Beach County Commissioners Burt Aaronson and Shelley Vana have officially endorsed Charlie Crist. The Crist campaign released this statement.

“I am honored by the courageous and generous support of Palm Beach County Commissioners Burt Aaronson and Shelley Vana. The priority of common sense Democrats, Republicans, and independents must be stopping Tea Party extremist Marco Rubio from taking his anti-senior, anti-woman, anti-teacher agenda to the United States Senate, and these two fine leaders understand that. Florida has a once in a lifetime opportunity to change our nation’s capital forever by sending an independent to Washington, and it’s critical we not let that pass us by.”

Earlier this month Aaronson attempted to ask Kendrick Meek to quit the Senate race. Meek caught wind that Palm Beach Democratic clubs were going to ask him to quit. The Real Dem ducked the meeting.

It is hard to be the Real Dem when Democratic elected official are endorsing the NPA candidate. State Representatives Yolly Roberson, Rep. Luis Garcia, Maria Sachs, and Darryl Rouson have endorsed Crist.

Florida Sen. Minority leader Al Lawson's endorsement was big news.

Former Florida Democratic Party chairman Charles Whitehead, Congressman Robert Wexler, the Palm Beach County Democrats and Robert Kennedy Jr have also endorsed Crist.

Immigration Equality and the Florida Pipe Trades have endorsed Crist over Meek. The Sierra Club endorsed both Crist and Meek. The latter refused to accept the endorsement. Team Meek can't say Crist endorsements don't mean anything and then behave childishly when they have to share an endorsement.

The Florida Democratic establishment should study the Meek campaign as an example of how not to run a statewide race. Republicans want Democrats to keep running candidates like Meek. It makes it easier the the GOP to win elections. If you don't believe me then find Republican establishment member that feared a Meek candidacy in 2009. Ask a GOP operative if Republicans feared the Democratic All-Star team of Jim Davis, Skip Campbell or Eric Copeland in 2006. The most likely answer will be laughter.

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