Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Crist & Rubio Heckler Moment

I don't want Marco Rubio anywhere near the United States Senate. I will admit that as a politician he has game. Rubio was able to brush off Charlie Crist's attack on the Republican Party of Florida credit card controversy with a great one-liner.

Rubio: I never had a heckler at the debate. I always had them in the audience.

The context of Crist's attack is correct. Rubio has not been transparent about his use of the state party's American Express card. I like to hear Rubio give an explanation for how these expenses were used to help get Republicans elected.

• $765 at Apple's online store for "computer supplies."

• $25.76 from Everglades Lumber for "supplies."

• $53.49 at Winn-Dixie in Miami for "food."

• $68.33 at Happy Wine in Miami for "beverages'' and "meal."

• $78.10 for two purchases at Farm Stores groceries in suburban Miami.

• $412 at All Fusion Electronics, a music equipment store in Miami, for "supplies."

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