Thursday, January 14, 2010

Obama Wants Democrats to Run on Health Care

President Barack Obama told Congressional Democrats that health care is an issue they can use to slam Republicans.

"Let me tell you something, if Republicans want to campaign against something by standing up for the status quo and for insurance companies over families and businesses, that is a fight I want to have," Obama said.

"If their best idea is to return to the bad policies and the bad ideas of yesterday, they are going to lose that argument," he added.

Obama wants to portray Republicans as defenders as the status quo. Obama is a smart politician. The campaign he ran was groundbreaking for it's grassroots activism and use of the internet. The question is how is Obama and Democrats going to sell "change" now that they hold the White House and Congress.

Republicans have failed to present economic ideas be sides "tax cuts." Obama can point out Republican that they voted against the Make Work Pay tax cuts. The most likely scene is the Republicans won't have policy solutions. The Democrats will suffer with no immediate positive effects from health care reform and stabilizing the economy. Voter turnout for the midterm elections could be low.

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