Thursday, January 14, 2010

Is Mike Thomas Hot or Not

Someone please explain to me why Mike Thomas has a cloumn. Thomas has always portrayed a conservative streak. Unsurprising, considering the Orlando Sentinel is a right-leaning newspaper. I never read Thomas because he wasn't that interesting a columnist. I was web surfing and ran into his latest column. Thomas is annoyed that Bill McCollum and Alex Sink do not meet his charisma standard. This is the pot calling the kettle Michael Dukakis. What did strike me has strange is Thomas's sudden man crush on McCollum.

Bill's makeover is amazing. Gone is the geek. He is posed on top of the Web page, no tie, smiling broadly, wearing some seriously stylin' specs, coming darn close to looking sexy in a Republican kind of way.

I never thought the word "sexy" would be used to describe as Bill McCollum. Below is the picture of the newly sexed-up McCollum. You can make your own judgement.

In defense to Thomas, he wrote "darn close" to sexy. Still, it is a real hack piece of writing. It is unfair to McCollum and Sink to turn the gubernatorial race into a hot or not contest. That is why I have a problem with Thomas focused on the candidates looks and charisma. That is why is is only fair to do a poll on Mike Thomas's hotness. Readers, cast your votes.

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Is Mike Thomas Hot or Not

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