Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Limbaugh Attacks Obama on Haiti

Rush Limbaugh is the last person to questions President Barack Obama's response to the Haiti disaster. Limbaugh went on a tirade about Obama responding too early to the Haiti crisis. Limbaugh laments that it took Obama 3 days to respond to the underwear bomber. Apparently, Limbaugh wants Obama to time his press conferences to his liking.

Obama discussed Haitian earthquake sooner than attempted Christmas bombing; "Did he apologize for America?"

Limbaugh has shown a lack of compassion for disaster victims. Limbaugh callously accused Katrina victims of "whining and moaning." Being stranded on rooftops gives people good reason to complain.

Limbaugh carried the Bush administration's water by mocking the laughable claim that Katrina was only to be a minor hurricane. The reason for this is Limbaugh defends FEMA providing a lack of food for the victims. Bush was forced to give a half-assed apology.

LIMBAUGH: I know they were told to go to the Superdome, but even then they had to walk to the Superdome. And they had to bring their own food and water to the Superdome. Why? Because even the local experts thought it was gonna be just a period of hours that they will spend shielded and protected from wind and rain and they'd come out and go home. We also know that when any level of bureaucracy fails, the first order of business is to point blame at some other bureaucracy. To try to take the heat off of the people who are directly responsible for the failure to enact already written, documented, and even tested evacuation plans.

These people didn't have food and Limbaugh wonders why they were complaining.

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At January 17, 2010 2:48 PM , Blogger tas said...

Before Katrina, when Bush finally got his ass in gear to help out tsunami victims, I praised the President. Probably one of the only times I offered Bush praise (and perhaps one of the few times I talked about Bush without a bunch of F-words before and after his name), so what the fuck is Rush's problem? Playing politics is one thing, but playing politics to the extent where it reduces your humanity is sick. And I've avoided trying to talk politics about the Haiti quake until, at least, a couple weeks have passed -- out of respect. But Rush Fucking Limbaugh... What a wretched waste of life this asshole is. To first compare Obama's response to Haiti to a failed terrorist attack, like nobody dying and tens of thousands of tragic deaths, are one in the same is a comparison only a psychopath would think makes sense. And then to mock the Haitian victims on top of that? A earthquake devastates their entire country and Limbaugh has the audacity to piss all over them less than a day afterwards? All to score some political points against Obama?

When people made death jokes about Limbaugh when he was in the hospital with chest pains a couple weeks ago, I tried not to jump in on either side. We shouldn't make light of other people's pain. But you know what? Maybe it would be better if Rush Limbaugh just fucking died. This man is a horrible human being with absolutely no redeeming value. The next time he suffers a near heart attack, I'll keep his Haiti comments in mind when I hope for him to not make it out alive. What a fucking asshole.


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