Thursday, October 29, 2009

Beck's Wingnut Theories Boomerang Back to Fox

Glenn Beck labels General Electric (owner of MSNBC) as a fascist group bent on controlling America. Beck replaced the stars of the American flag and with the logos of ACORN, SCIU, General Electric, Wall-Mart, GM and Citi-Bank.

"You know, SCIU and GE are big on designing the whole health care bill," Beck told John Stossel. General Electric is a technological company best known for making refrigerators. GE Healthcare makes medical equipment. Sen. Max Baucus floated the possibility of taxing medical equipment. General Electric has good reason to be against health care reform. Nevermind the fact Beck provides no proof of his General Electric conspiracy theory. The truth is GE is hardly socialist. As Megan Carpentier points out: GE continued to advertise on Beck's show after other companies fled.

In 2009, General Electric, Farmer’s Insurance and Office Depot have financially supported Glenn Beck’s racism and threats against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on the radio; Bayer, Chattem Pharmaceuticals and Wyeth have given Lou Dobbs money to continue his radio-based support for the Birther conspiracy theorists and his portrayal of the current Administration as alternately Socialist, Fascist and Communist; and Home Depot, JC Penney’s and Office Depot are helping provide Rush Limbaugh promote his racist, divisive commentary on a daily basis.

On another hysterical episode of Beck's program, the shock jock explains the Rockefeller family put secret socialist/communist imagery in the Rockefeller Center. A check of Google Maps shows Fox News is located in Rockefeller Center. The News Corporation/Fox News Channel headquarters is located in a building owned by the Rockefeller Group. We are to believe that Beck is protecting America from News Corp's landlord. Beck is so frightened by GE that he will let them run ads on his program. The other possibility is Beck needs bogus villians to portray himself as a coked up knight. Beck will use the flimsiest on connections to make conspiracy theories.

In professional wrestling, there needs to be heroes and villians. Beck needs mock bad guys because he isn't paid to give wonky speeches about policy. The question is why is News Corp letting Beck go after corporate partners. People wonder why Beck is losing advertisers. This is why.

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