Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Randall Terry Is Still Vile

Randall Terry is the founder of Operation Rescue. The anti-abortion group had links to Scott Roeder. The organization's web site gives information on abortion providers. Accused murderer Scott Roeder was in contact with Cheryl Sullenger of Operation Rescue. The latter gave information to Roeder about Dr. George Tiller's daily whereabouts. Sullenger served two years in prison for attempting to blow up the Alavarado Medical Center abortion clinic.

Terry is holding a Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid "Burn in Hell" video contest on the internet.

"If Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid force us to pay for child killing and they die unrepentant, they will burn in hell for this," Terry said in a telephone interview.

A few facts: Harry Reid is anti-abortion. Reid's position is abortions "should be legal only when the pregnancy resulted from incest, rape, or when the life of the woman is endangered." Apparently, Terry has no problem risking a woman's life to further his extremist views. Another fact is the Hyde Amendment bars federal funds for being used for abortions. Terry is factually incorrect. Facts don't matter to Terry. This is a man that attempted to deliver President Bill Clinton a dead fetus.

Terry is trying to stir up others to commit violence. It doesn't matter that Scott Roeder was linked to Terry's former organization.

"The man, as far as anybody knows acted on his own," Terry told the media. We know Roeder was aided by Sullenger. She admitted she gave Roeder Tiller's daily whereabouts. Terry is simply lying. Terry goes on to call Tiller a "mass murderer" and "reaped what he sowed" and was a "evil man."

There is no compassion in Terry's Christianity. In a different era, Terry would have supported Canon law allowing the stoning of women and blacks sold as property. In early America, that was considered perfectly Christian. Terry is a hateful man. Tiller was murdered a member of the anti-abortionist movement. Terry uses Tiller's death to attack a man whom can no longer speak for himself. It is just as cowardly as Terry's latest efforts to get others to do his violent bidding.

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