Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pissed Off Again Naked Brunch

Woke up this lovely Sunday morning to the attached Republican Doctrine accusing us of a lack of patriotism, stupidity, and more in a love letter from a resigning Bush.  Well, Rethuglicans, it's a shame it's come to this.  Really LOW tactics.  From my neighbors no less.  I am surrounded by you maniacs.  To bad, so sad you are losing and WILL lose this Presidential election.  And, God Bless America on a fuckin' Sunday back at 'cha.

Click on the image to read page 1 of the diatribe.

Or you can click on these links to read each page; there are 5 of them.

Be sure to pass this around and to your local Democratic Headquarters.  I am.

According to Polltracker '08 which averages all polls by state and then nationslly, Obama is kicking McCains butt.

Nationally  51.2% to 42.4% on average

Electoral Votes  Obama 306   McCain 157

Oh, Happy Day!

By the way, I printed a huge fuckin poster of Obama yesterday and I'm sticking it in my yard with the other three Obama signs already out there.  A better fuck you I couldn't have come up with.

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