Thursday, October 23, 2008

Compassionate Conservatism: Gay Marriage Equals Books

John Stemberger is using the slippery slope argument to scare voters into voting yes for amendment 2. If you don't vote to make gay marriage, in florida, illegal than kids will be forced to read books promoting the gay lifestyle.

A Massachusetts couple, Robb and Robin Wirthlin, appeared with Stemberger and others at a press conference this morning promoting Amendment 2.

The Wirthlins said they were dismayed to learn that their son's second-grade teacher read from a book, King and King, in which a prince falls in love with and marries another prince after rejecting a series of princesses.

Passage of amendment 2 wouldn't prevent children from reading certain material. That is an education issue. Robb and Robin Wirthlin have come forward against Prop 8. The Wirthlins lost their court case against the school. What is little known is the "Wirthlins were members of a political organization pressing for an amendment to the Massachusetts Constitution that would ban same-sex marriage before the teacher read the book King and King to their son."

Why the Withlins lost the lawsuit.

In the suit, the Wirthlins said the school was attempting to indoctrinate their children about an "immoral lifestyle." The suit complained that school officials bypassed their parental rights to raise their children how they wish, and in doing so, violated their civil rights.

The Wirthlins lost their legal battle - the U.S. Supreme Court just declined to hear the case, letting the lower court ruling stand - but they are far from losing the war. They are part of the out-of-state effort by the Mormon Church, whose members have contributed millions of dollars to the Yes on 8 war chest, to pass Prop 8

The Wirthlins think gays and lesbians are immoral. Watch the video and see how the they bend over backwards to appear tolerate.

The school did not have to inform the Wirthlins. The couple did not challenge that in their suit. Contrary to their claims in the video. Robin Withlin proclaims she would rather keep her child ignorant than inform him about homosexuality. Keeping a child uneducated is not good parenting.

Conservatives that believe the King and King should be banned in schools do not support free speech. Reading black lists and book burning has been assiociated with the most dangerous fringes of society. Religious conservatives making laws to control consenting adults' sexuality is pure totalarism. Once people lose the choice of whom to sleep with or what to read, bye, bye freedom.

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At October 24, 2008 10:23 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Real Wirthlins - Religious Fundamentalists with brutal tactics

Robb and Robin Wirthlin aren't who they present themselves to be.

The Wirthlins moved into the Lexington school district already aware of the "Window and Mirrors" curriculum that was put in place so that second graders, who talk about and paint pictures of their families constantly, would see all students and their own families represented in materials.

The Wirthlin's son Joey, already knew a classmate, Jessica Soens, who had two mommies. This was not sex ed, this was anti-bias material representing all families, single parent families, interracial families, jewish and muslim families. That was all it was, according to Pam Hoffman of The Wirthlins moved into the district in order to challenge the curriculum and drug an unsuspecting second grade teacher, Mrs. Kramer, through the courts, devastating her life.

Read more at:

At October 27, 2008 11:09 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Wirthlins hit the road for hate

To hear Robb and Robin Wirthlin recount the day their 7-year-old son Joey was subjected to a schoolroom reading of the colorful children’s book King and King, you’d imagine he’d been read a gay porn novel by his elementary school teacher.

Dan Aiello, writing in the Bay Area Reporter, has taken a closer look at the Wirthlins, who are currently being bussed from church to church across California by Protect Marriage to support Proposition 8, which would eliminate marriage equality in California. Aiello uncovers a number of details about the couple that the Yes on 8 folks would rather remain unmentioned.

While the Mormon couple maintain they were merely trying to protect their children, they have been associated with two organizations that are determined to to eliminate marriage equality in Massachusetts through a constitutional amendment: The Massachusetts Family Institute and MassResistance, an organization identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as an anti-gay hate group.

Anti-gay hate groups, according to SPLC, “are organizations that go beyond mere disagreement with homosexuality by subjecting gays and lesbians to campaigns of personal vilification.” The designation places MassResistance squarely in the company of neo-nazi, white nationalist, racist skinhead and black separatist organizations.

MassResistance Watch has more information about the group.

A spokesperson for Yes on 8 denied the Wirthlin’s involvement with the groups — both of which publicized the Wirthlin’s cause, raised funds and organized vigils on their behalf.

According to Aiello, “The Wirthlins, it seems, were looking for a reason to sue in Massachusetts. Now they’re looking for a fight here in California.”

read more at:


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