Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Time/CNN Poll

The latest Time/CNN poll shows Barack Obama doing well in key red states.


Obama 51%
McCain 46%

North Carolina

Obama 51%
McCain 47%


Obama 50%
McCain 46%


Obama 54%
McCain 44%

West Virginia

McCain 53%
Obama 44%

Voters were asked about William Ayers and ACORN. Most people are not aware of the John McCain attacks about Ayers and ACORN. Those that are said (by large margins) it will not affect their vote. Virginia polled most strongly that Ayers and ACORN were not a major issue. The numbers suggest Obama has Virginia wrapped up.

Conservatives will say that McCain should have pounded Ayers and ACORN harder. The problem is McCain's campaign has been nothing, but negative attacks. Voters want to know what McCain will do for the country. A candidate that constantly shifts positions does not instill confidence. Instead of running on substance, McCain has been attacking which baseball team will Obama root for. Voters want someone who will govern. Not pander.

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