Sunday, January 27, 2008

Taking Sex Back

Nina Hartley gives a fantastic spiel about the moral values crowd wishing to control women's bodies.

"As someone who has achieved the ages of 18 years, plus one minute. That is the age of consent," Hartley told an Ohio State University audience. "Consent to join the army, consent to vote, consent to go get killed in Iraq for our stupid war."

The audience roared when Hartley empressed her displeasure about the current war. The Iraq war isn't promoting democracy or the next generation of young Republicans.

"And somehow, we can consent to marry. We can consent to have an abortion. We can consent to become mothers. But somehow, I have a right to my uterus and what happens to it, but they get a say about what I do with my vagina. What is wrong with this picture?"

Hartley is looking at the issue from the standpoint of a porn star and free speech advocate. Christian fundamentalists want to legislate what women can do with their uteruses. The core issue is sexuality. Christian conservatives would rather have the federal government teach children that the AIDS virus can be spread through tears than discuss safe sex. 16 states have rejected federal money for abstinence-only sex(less) education. The policy has become an official failure. Getting James Dobson or the the late Jerry Falwell to admit the obvious would never happen. Men whom obsessively looked for the non-existent homosexual agenda in children television characters lack the maturity to discuss condoms and birth control.

"What's wrong with this picture, is the ultimate in patriarchal belief system thinks they can tell us what to do with our bodies," Hartley said. "I don't agree with that."

Hartley told the audience she was a feminist before most of them were born. She went into the porn because she is an exhibitionist and bisexual. As a porn star, she grew weary of listening to moral crusaders telling her how to express her sexuality. It was her body and her choice. It's creepy that religious conservatives tremble in fear about Hartley experiencing orgasms.

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At January 28, 2008 9:26 AM , Blogger jerri said...

Saw this relevant article on hypocritical conservatives at

Meet Will Fulig Norance, American voter

While perusing various media for presidential race tidbits I felt as if I was checking out Politics For Dummies in the library. Besides the fact that some people actually sprint away from facts when they come to political conclusions (like vampires hate sunlight?), there is apparently a rabid infestation of willful ignorance when voters are presented with facts. How dare someone hurl such epithets as "statistics bear this out" at them! The nerve of stat boys.

Some voters go so far as to sell their soul just to feed their ravenous bias. A Christian pro-lifer I know is voting for a liberal candidate with a decades long pro-choice record (that was only recently flipped when they registered for the presidential race) simply because of the candidate's economic policies. How very "Christian values" of them to value money over the unborn. When I pointed out this glaring inconsistency in their supposed moral fortitude I was viciously and relentlessly attacked. The truth hurts and this particular child of God didn't mind crucifying me with their personal attacks. The mark of the beast is apparently "truth-spewing Democrats" and they must be destroyed!

What would Jesus do? Evidence suggests that some of His followers will:

1) Deny the poor access to this country and build a wall to keep them out
2) Deny the poor access to healthcare while the rich wallow in good health
3) Start an unprovoked war with His supposed guidance and kill innocent civilians
4) Support the death penalty because their judgment trumps His
5) Vote for pro-choice candidates to potentially save a few bucks

They will do all this while invoking His name as their guide and savior. Exactly how are they being guided when their actions are the opposite of what He deemed sacrosanct? Could it be they're using His name in vain? Will His divine punishment be a win for the Democrats come November? We'll know when and if the Republican pillars turn to salt.

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