Monday, January 28, 2008

Identity Politics Continued

The Hillary Clinton campaign are saying that Bill Clinton was tricked by reporters into saying that Barack Obama, like Jesse Jackson, won South Carolina because he is black. Watch the video below.

Political Punch has the entire transcript.

Reporter: That said, some of the folks in your own party have accused you of race baiting here.

BC: Yeah, well I would refer them to what John Lewis and Andrew Young – two people left who were with Martin Luther King every step of the way – said. I don’t have to defend myself on civil rights, and John Lewis and Andrew Young said what needed to be said about that. There’s nothing left for me to say.

Reporter: Mr. President, Senator Kerry that – had some critical comments too about some of the things that have gone on this week. He said being a former president doesn’t give you a license to abuse the truth. Just wanted your reaction to that.

BC: Yes, but did you notice he didn’t specify anything? You notice that? They never do. They hurl these charges, but nothing is specified. I’m not taking the bait today. I did what I could to help Senator Kerry every time he needed me, and every time he asked me, and I have no -- he can support whomever he wants, for whatever reason he wants, but there’s nothing for me to respond to because I don’t believe in labeling, I think he should have specifics, so today we just want everybody to vote.

David Wright: What does it say about Barack Obama that it takes two of you to beat him?

BC: [Laughs] That’s just bait, too. Jesse Jackson won South Carolina twice, in ‘84 and ‘88. And he ran a good campaign, and Senator Obama's run a good campaign here. He’s run a good campaign everywhere, he’s got a, he is a good candidate, with a good organization.

Clinton denies race baiting and then proceeds to engage in race baiting. The sooner the Clintons get off the political stage the better.

Tas has a great rundown of the Clinton's Southern Strategy. The Clintons ran ugly campaigns in Iowa and South Carolina. Both times they lost. Hillary went positive in New Hampshire and made a historic comeback.

The message is voters are tired of mudslinging. That is why Obama's unity message has great appeal. Obama utters the word "unity" and Andrew Sullivan declares the Senator presidential.

Obama is not going to come into Washington and woo the Bush and Gingrich Republicans. I can't stand Hillary, but I take comfort in knowing that she will tear the Beltway GOP a new asshole. The Republican Party is made of fiscal and religious radicals. Republican John McCain tried reasoning with his colleagues on immigration. The Crooked Talker ending up yelling "fuck you" at John Cornyn. I'm curious as to how Obama is going to unite Republicans that can't stand Democrats or each other.

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At January 29, 2008 12:34 AM , Blogger tas said...

I don't see anything in that transcript which indicates that ole Slick was "tricked" by reporters. Furthermore, Bill Clinton doesn't get tricked by reporters to begin with. Have you ever heard this man in action? Someday, I'm going to post a half hour audio clip of Slick getting ambushed by Amy Goodman when he called into Democracy Now! in 2000 to pump his wife's senate campaign. He's pretty good taking impromptu fire from a reporter who's farther to the left than any mainstream reporter out there. So ole Slick trying to tell us that a couple of fucking beat reporters "tricked" him is pretty ridiculous... Even for him.

At January 29, 2008 10:23 PM , Anonymous Sine.Qua.Non said...

I often wonder if the Democrats will be able to unite themselves, much less anyone else. Frankly, 90% of Democrats and 99% of Republicans in office disgust me.


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