Sunday, November 18, 2007

Kevin White Sexual Harassment Scandal

Hillsborough County Commissioner Kevin White has been accused of sexual harassment by recently fired staffer Alyssa L. Ogden.

During an interview with her parents present, Ogden said the overtures began within days of her taking the job, when she said White, 42, took her on a trip to Atlanta. There, she said, White took her to dinner with friends and later asked to share a hotel bed with her.

Ogden said the advances continued in the form of requests for kisses during private moments at County Center and promises of career success if she would relent to his sexual appeals.

"It was all the time," she said.

In another article, Ogden said White took her to her Tampa Bay Lightning hockey game. The Commissioner requested a kiss. When she declined he threw money on the table. White denied that he made any sexual advances towards Ogden.

"I'm sticking to what I said," Ogden said Wednesday. "I know for a fact what happened. Of course he's not going to admit it."

Ogden is 23 years-old. I'm trying to think about what motivation is would have to go public against a local politician and can think of nothing. I don't see a vast right-wing conspiracy against a Democrat.

If people are expecting me to support Kevin White just because he is a Democrat then they are sadly mistaken. Two St. Petersburg Times articles doesn't prove his guilt. The Equal Employment Opportunity Office needs to thoroughly matter. If White is innocent he name should be cleared with no resonable doubt. If Odgen's version of the events are true then White needs to be held accountable.

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