Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fred Thompson's Brand New Terri Schiavo Position

Fred Thompson previously said that the state government, with the exception the court system, should not wade into end of life matters.

“It should be decided by the family. The federal government and the state government, too, except for the court system, ought to stay out of those matters as far as I’m concerned.”

Thompson then changed his position on This Week with George Stephanopoulos. The key issue is Thompson won the National Right to Life Committee endorsement. The Admiral is changing his position to court Christian Right voters.

Stephanopoulos: (O'Steen) said you clarified that issue for him and you may be doing so publicly. What did you say to them to privately that you haven't said publically? In public, you've said this should be an issue for families and the courts but not for state and federal government.

Thompson: Well, what I said (to them) was ultimately if the families can't get together the first recourse needs to be the state government. What we talked about in a little more detail is the different kinds of end-of-life issues.

Christian conservative leader James Dobson cast doubt on Thompson's credentials. Dobson is considered the current kingmaker of the evangelical wing of the Republican Party.

"(Thompson's) underestimating how much of the Republican party is fueled by a bunch of busybodies that just know that they are the final moral arbiters on other people’s lives," wrote Amanda Marcotte. "And they don’t need to be bothered with things like facts or understanding before declaring other people unfit to make the most private decisions about their lives. In other words, he’s toast."

Thompson needs to get in the good graces of the Christian Right and fast. He is singing a new tune , but still can not be bothered to learn the details of Schiavo's medical condition.

Stephanopoulos: But there wasn't any question in the Schiavo case.

Thompson: No. Ah ah, that's my point. As I understand it she would have probably lived longer.

Stephanopoulos: But they did an autopsy, she was brain dead.

Thompson: Well (sigh) I didn't know that. At the time that was all kicking around and everybody was asking my opinion based on what was in the newspaper. I am just telling you what I think about the things in general.

Thompson is utterly unserious about end of life issues. He changed his position lacking a fundamental understanding of Schiavo's medical condition. Thompson admitted not knowing if allowing state and federal intervention into end of life cases would change laws. It's mindboggling for a former lawmaker and lawyer to make such a statement.

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At December 02, 2007 4:45 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like everyone else - he has no clue what this case was about. The circuit court judge did not authorize a qualified guardian to remove unwanted medical treatment in accordance with the patient's advance directive. The judge ordered that she be denied food and fluids of any variety. Even orally.

Against the law.

She could never have given informed, legal consent to what the state did to her. THAT is the issue.

Right, left, Christian, atheist, none of it matters. What matters is the state ended the life of a non-dying person based on quality of life judgments and not the Constitution's guarantee of a right to life.

If Thompson and the rest of these knuckleheads can't wrap their heads around that very simple concept, none of them need to be in public office. Period.


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