Sunday, August 12, 2007

:: Tonight's Naked Brunch ::

Ah, well. The best laid plans.
Sorry about the lack of posting. My employer is beginning to see how very swamped and understaffed I am, so hopefully, I will be getting a new employee by the end of the year and a nice raise. I'm not going to hold my breath.

I hate to see friends in need. Go give a hand to Rip, or at the very least some encouragement. (Had I received your e-mail sooner Rip, you would have had it Thursday night.)

Lemme see........brunch. Well. There wasn't one, unless you count my pasta dinner. And, I don't.

This is absolutely gorgeous..........truly beautiful (and terrifyingly mysterious, simultaneously). Click the link and take a ganger at the exploded views. There are some interesting things hidden in those layers of paint. Rob is amazing.

Check out Letter from Nagasaki over at the Atlantic Free Press.

Eduardo was one of many thousands of US soldiers who were purposefully exposed to nuclear radiation. Many of the others, in experiments easily worthy of the Nazi Dr. Mengele, were ordered to walk through desert areas where nuclear bombs had just been exploded. The horrifying results on their fragile human bodies were quite predictable, just as predictable as the military’s denials of reality.

Merv Griffin died. For you youngsters out there, he was one of the early talk shows on the tube and later produced a hell of a lot of television shows, among other forms of entertainment.

Condoms for Seniors. Cause, you know, they are at risk, unlike everyone else. Sheesh. How about sex education for seniors and kids? The reality based kind.

Money for Votes. It's the Republican way.


Wolcott on the Iowa Straw Poll...

Austin Cline on the War Economy........ours.

Mixter: Coffee Shop Conversations, Tee Shirts, Girlfriends, Wine and so on......

Norwegianity figured it out:

It sucks having to be the grown up but yes, you can't just leave. You have to pack first.

TAS in right on target about my latest political disappointment.

Impeach Him unpatriotic...

FISA: I could hardly imagine this happening again with Democrats in power, but it has. Like I said, all the politicians should be removed and start over.

Music: Of Montreal - Suffragette City (David Bowie cover) Very nice, very nice indeed.

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