Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Thomas Friedman's Iraq Greatest Hits

There are several quotes from Thomas Friedman from this Iraq timeline of pundits and government officials telling us how wonderful Iraq will be if we just give it more time. I picked Friedman because he maybe the most stupid man on the planet.

Friedman has a history of stating that the next few months will be the turning point for Iraq. Once that deadline has past, Friedman makes a new deadline. He then proclaims 6 more months are needed in Iraq before we will know how the war will turn out. Repaet cycle.

"It might be over in six months."

Thomas Friedman
June 2004

"The next six months in Iraq... are the most important... "

Thomas Friedman
November 2003

" the next six to nine months..."

Thomas Friedman
October 2004

"Iraq will be won or lost in the next few months."

Thomas Friedman
November 2004

"We're in a six-month window here..."

Thomas Friedman
September 2005

"We're going to know after six to nine months..."

Thomas Friedman
January 2006

"The next six to nine months are going to tell..."

Thomas Friedman
March 2006

"It's going to be decided in the next weeks or months..."

Thomas Friedman
April 2006

"We're going to find out... in the next year to six months."

Thomas Friedman
May 2006

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At August 09, 2007 11:09 AM , Blogger Vox Populi said...

wow. well, he's sure in the running for 'stupidest man on the planet'
what an ass. i saw him on the show where they were making fun of his moustache or somewhere .. maybe here/?? it was funny as heck


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