Thursday, August 09, 2007

Why Bob Allen Should Tell the Truth

Sunny is calling for Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio to fire Bob Allen. Technically, Rubio doesn't have the power. Allen's charge is a misdemeanor and elected by his constituents. Rubio could call for the House to remove Allen. The chances of that are slim. Former Senate President Tom Lee (R) never made an attempt to remove Democrat and convicted felon Gary Siplin.

I would rather see Allen come to terms with his sexuality. With the exception of Mark Foley's actions against minors - I am not in favor of bloggers playing sexual moral police. It would be better if Allen came clean about his deeds and sexuality. I am not condoning Allen's actions, but my concern is that homosexuality will be viewed as criminal behavior. It is not.

If Allen continues to be disingenuous then his political career is over. What Marco Rubio does really won't matter in the long run. Allen will still be a repressed homosexual man that can't be honest about who he is. Telling the truth is more important to Allen's personal well-being than his long-term political aspirations.

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At August 10, 2007 12:06 AM , Anonymous Sunny said...

"Fire" worked better than "remove"...Allen's actions don't necessarily mean he is homosexual...

"It is important to note that engaging in same sex activity does not necessarily imply a homosexual identity; in fact, many men who have sex with men in public are married or otherwise heterosexually involved, and do not consider themselves to be gay."

Read more here.


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