Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ann Althouse's Meltdown On BloggerheadsTV

Ann Althouse feels she is viciously attacked over crudely remarking on Jessica Valenti's breasts and comparing her to Monica Lewinsky. She goes off on Garance Franke-Ruta on BloggingheadsTV.

Franke-Ruta: I’m not really aware of anything until this whole Jessica Valenti breast controversy, um ... so, I know that there was some grudges and hostility that came out of that ...

Althouse: Well, um ...

Franke-Ruta: I mean, that's the blogosphere. It's a tough place. Apparently, it's an extremely tough place. You know, one of the best things I --

Althouse: I'm not complaining about the fact that I have to be tough and fight back, because I will, I will stand my ground, I don't accept your -- [crosstalk] -- wait a minute, wait a minute [pointing] -- I don't accept your saying the Jessica Valenti breast controversy. I consider that an insult. -- You know, I'm on the verge of hanging up with you for bringing it up that way.

Here is what Althouse wrote about Jessica.

I wanted to elevate a discussion from the comments section of a post from Wednesday, you know the one with the photo of the Daou-wrangled bloggers posing in front of Bill Clinton? The first commenter, Goesh, picks up on my prompt -- "Let's just array these bloggers... randomly" -- and wisecracks: "Who is the Intern directly in front of him with the black hair?"

Althouse has a bizzare idea of elevating a discussion. Titling a post "Let's Take a Closer Look at Those Breasts" certainly is not aiming for a civil discussion.

Let's not forget how she went after women that have been harrassed on AutoAdmit.

Too beautiful to appear in public? Too hot to be hired? Come on! What rational employer would deny you a job because idiots chatted about you on line in a way that made if obvious that the only thing you did was look good?

One of those people that have been harrassed on the site is Jill of Feministe. Althouse has a serious hatred for attractive women. Then she hates being called on it. Somehow we should feel sorry for her for picking online fights and then crying wolf. Sorry Ann, but you make a shrill martyr.

Shakes and Ezra Klein have more.

Jessica Valenti responds:

Yeah, her character was assassinated. Excuse me while I cry a fucking river.

I couldn't have said it better.

Hat tip to Crooks and Liars.

Update: Ann Althouse writes about her BloggingheadsTV performance.

ANOTHER UPDATE: So a huge swarm of lefty bloggers in unison declared me to be an absolute witch for getting angry for one minute when Garance -- the woman who began the dialogue by owning up to the technique of "seeming like you don't know what you're doing" -- sprung a touchy old subject on me. What does it all mean? I think either: 1. ordinary human emotion frightens bloggers out of their wits or 2. the lefty bloggers are demonstrating my point that they are vicious and nasty. Of course, I think it's #2. I really find it too hard to believe that they are so numb or robotic that anger seems bizarre and insane. I could be wrong, but I think that's terribly sad. Or are you thinking: Ooh! Sadness! How crazy! No, no, you guys are just boring politicos -- still ready to do anything to defend your man Bill Clinton and to say whatever you must to deny that he set feminism at least 20 years.

I don't feel the need to protect Bill Clinton. He is a married man. He engaged in a sexual relationship with someone that wasn't his wife. He lied under oath about it and was went through an inpeachment trial in the Senate.

What is wrong was Althouse making a cheap shot about another female blogger's breasts. If she was a man she would be accused of making a sexist statement.

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At March 29, 2007 9:32 AM , Blogger Vox Populi said...

Yeah, her character was assassinated. Excuse me while I cry a fucking river. LOL !!!

I never understand this rabid bill support, either. I mean, I liked him ... we were definitely walking on sunshine (compared to now) but he was quietly ushering in some things putrid.

While (drum-roll) the little woman didn't seem to mind.
I do NOT support Hilary, I'm not much sure I like Obama, (don't have enough history there;like what I see) I like John Edwards ...
Well, this is not the place for this discussion ...

At March 29, 2007 4:15 PM , Blogger Michael Hussey said...

Is it me or did Althouse look and sound like Maureen Dowd before she got angry?


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