Monday, March 26, 2007

Documentary on Yunis Khatayer Abbas

Director Michael Tucker made the superb documentary Gunner Palace. He is made another movie about Iraq. This time dealing with the horrors of Abu Ghraib.

Yunis Khatayer Abbas was a freelance journalist and cameraman when the war broke out. He was detained by U.S. soldiers because he believed to be a part plan to assassinate British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

In one scene, the Iraqi recalled laughing when eventually being told by American interrogators he was being held captive over suspicions he plotted to attack Blair.

"What he was charged with was so absurd," said Tucker, who uses footage of Abbas being captured by soldiers after he accompanied them on the raid. "It just shows how poorly the intelligence system works."

Abu Ghraib guard said the conditions didn't get better after the infamous photos became public.

"It was like no matter what happened there as long as we didn't stack people and make pyramids (of them) we were doing a great job," said Thompson, who returned from Iraq to Ohio two years ago and went back to civilian life.

All that mattered was how Abu Ghraib was preceived. It was never a matter of making the standards meet Geneva Conventions' codes.

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