Monday, March 26, 2007

Florida This Week

Florida This Week is my favorite political talk show. The show is intelligent and people don't scream at each other like insane idiots. Topics are the Martin Anderson settlement, local elections, Sarasota voting machines. and SB 1458. The panelists are Eric Deggans, Jeremy Wallace, Sara Romeo and David Hurley.

The most jaw-dropping comment is Hurley trying to maintain that the 18,000 undervotes in Sarasota County was because of voter apathy. Lorei asked Hurley why the other counties voting in the congressional race didn't have the same level of undervoting. Hurley says he doesn't know. The short answer is Hurley would rather amuse voter apathy than deal with the possibility that Florida is using faulty voting machines. The actual answer is a Republican won and that is all Hurley cares about.

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