Monday, March 26, 2007

The Disappointer's Radio Address

The Decider Disappointer talks tough in his radio address.

One of the most urgent legislative priorities is to fund our troops fighting the war on terror. I've asked Congress to pass an emergency war spending bill that gives our troops what they need, without strings and without delay. Instead, a narrow majority in the House of Representatives decided yesterday to make a political statement. The emergency war spending bill they voted for would cut the number of troops below the level our military commanders say they need to accomplish the mission. It would set an artificial timetable for withdrawal that would allow the enemy to wait us out. And it would require an army of lawyers to meet the conditions imposed by politicians in Washington who are substituting their own judgment for that of our generals in Iraq. I have made it clear that I will veto any such bill, and it is clear that my veto would be sustained.

President Bush has only used the veto once. That was for stem cell research. I'm sure he would veto the House bill. The problem is this man went a whole term without stamping a veto. Democrats are no longer scared by the veto threat and a man that has a below 40 percent approval rating. He knows the bill will never reach his desk since Senate Republicans are filibustering it to death. The Disappointer is posturing like he has Reagan or Clinton approval ratings.

Bush has always played to the 30 percent hardcore conservative base. That earned Bush a nice 33 percent approval rating last month. Conservative bloggers thinks Bush's problem is he is not far enough to the right. Apparently, two conservative Supreme Court judges, wars in two Muslim countries, an isolationist foreign policy, anti-gay marriage amendment and tax cuts for the wealthiest were not enough for the Peer Review crowd. Bush's problem is Americans realized he is not the compassionate moderate he portrayed himself to be in 2000.

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