Monday, February 26, 2007

With & Without Campassion

Shakes points to a video Brilliant at Breakfast has of the now famous Craig Ferguson monologue talking about why he won't make fun of Britney Spears. The reason is Ferguson has his own history of alcohol addiction.

I left this comment at Shakes.

I saw the Craig Ferguson videos. I've had several friends with drug abuse problems. It is a horrible thing to see.

Someone asked me how a principal could buy crack at school. I explained with his addiction to question is how could he not. That doesn't justify the action. The man's need for the drug overwhelmed all sense of reason. I'm willing to bet he actually told himself it was a good idea. Addiction will warp people's judgement.

Tommy Duncan was quick to solicit his instant judgement. He is less quick to throw stones at morally reprehensible things posted at his site. What Principal Anthony Giancola did is wrong and he certainly will never work in the education system again. I somehow doubt he planned on getting arrested. Rachel Moran continues to brag about her beat up the homeless post.

I'm not a social commentator. I'm a girl with a blog, like a billion other girls with blogs.

Pffft, sounds like someone's making me awfully important. :)

Ask yourself which one comes off as the more horrible human being.

Update: Vox Populi left a comment at Sticks of Fire that took exception with Tommy's post. She wrote her own post about Giancola's arrest.

This is DISGUSTING on so many levels. How many people KNEW this man had a short-term drug problem and got together with the vaunted Tampa Police Dept. to set him up AMIDST CHILDREN and haul him out of school in hand-cuffs; in front of young people who admired him??

(Job security for the dubious 'crisis' teams who will go and counsel children who love this man for something that ABSOLUTELY could have been handled with some finesse!!!)

NOT ONE OF THESE people thought they might have approached this man and said, 'Look, we know you have a problem and need help; we are offering you a chance before we take legal action.' It's not like he was out robbing places !!

Tommy will just ignore Vox's post. I'm linking it so more people see it. People wonder why I pick on Tommy. Examples like this are why.

Update: Snuffeluffagus has a must-read post on Britney Spears.


At February 28, 2007 12:32 AM , Blogger Vox Populi said...

Thank YOU !! I was truly astounded by that....

HOW can I still be astounded ?

Thank-you for the link. It has gotten ALOT of hits and now I know why... GOOD !!


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