Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Iran Fetish

Sine.Qua.Non has already touched on the Seymour Hirsh article. I think it is interesting what is being said in conservative circles.

A Robert Gates advisor believes that President Bush could be impeached if an attack against Iran is launched. Anti-tax maniac Grover Norquist is more blunt.

"Everything the advocates of war said would happen hasn't happened," says the president of Americans for Tax Reform, Grover Norquist, an influential conservative who backed the Iraq invasion. "And all the things the critics said would happen have happened. [The president's neoconservative advisers] are effectively saying, 'Invade Iran. Then everyone will see how smart we are.' But after you've lost x number of times at the roulette wheel, do you double-down?"

Bush does not have the political capital or military strength to wage war in a third country. Especially one next to Iraq. Bush does have political capital with one group of people. Yes, I'm talking about Freepers.

Impeaching Bush just takes a majority of the House. They could do that tonight.

To REMOVE him takes 2/3rds of the SENATE: 67 votes. They're nowhere close.

Fact is, the man can do anything he wants now, legal or not, and he's unremovable so long as 17 out of 49 Republican Senators don't defect.
Hell, he could strangle a reporter on national TV with his bare hands while doing a line of coke, and so long as 34 GOP Senators stonewalled, he'd be in office until the end!

That comment has compassionate conservatism and patriotism written all over it. Another Freeper shows his love for the Democratic process.

Congress should be impeached. They've known all along, since 9/11, that an attack on Iran might be necessary. Dubya said then that you were either for us or against us, that if you fed, supported or sheltered a terrorist, you were a terrorist. That we were coming for you.

Congress didn't have the guts to complain then. The country wanted blood. It took them six years of constant sniveling and carping by their treasonous media pals for them to muddy the waters enough to work up the courage to start talking about impeachment. Dubya should make some of them disappear just as he's attacking Iran. We have to go into Iran. We have no choice. We have to stop them.

Making political opponents disappear is the kind of thing done by dictators. The reason Bush supporters don't complain about torture or warrantless wiretapping is because they think it's great. How can anyone protest against something they heart? This is what is left of Bush's base. The Rockefeller Republicans and most libertarians have left a long time ago. The only supporters left are people who bitch about Michelle Malkin not winning a Pultizer Prize. (It's the liberal media against a truth teller.)


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