Friday, February 23, 2007

Democrats Plan to Challenge War Resolution

The nonbinding resolution is being filibustered in the Senate. Democrats are taking a different approach.

Washington - The White House plans to fight against any attempt by the Democratic-controlled Senate to revoke the 2002 authorization of the use of force in Iraq, a spokesman said Friday.

The Washington Post reported Democrats want to pass a narrower resolution that would set a goal of withdrawing combat troops by March 2008 and limiting US involvement to training Iraqi forces and border patrols.

The authors of the proposal are Joe Biden and Carl Levin. The original mission was to remove Saddam Hussein and find weapons of mass destruction. All reasonable people can agree that part of the mission has been completed. Allow me to refresh your memory.

Mission Accomplished

What is likely to happen with the Biden/Levin proposal is Republicans will filibuster it. What Harry Reid should have done is used the nuclear option on the nonbinding resolution. The reason Republicans are filibusting is because they don't want to go on-record support Bush. The nuclear option would have killed what little discipline Karl Rove held over the GOP caucas.


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