Friday, February 23, 2007

Reginald Jones: 'I Support Racially Exclusive Organizations.'

Via Florida Politics: this falls into the too stupid not to be true category. Reginald Jones is an African American speaking at the Institute for Conservative Studies. The think tank is located on the Florida State University campus.

Who is Reginald Jones? That is a good question. I can't find a Wikipedia entry on him. I will venture to say that he is not a superstar in conservative circles. He does tour the b list conservative speaking circuit.

Nationally-known entertainer, entrepreneur and lecturer Reginald Jones will speak on "Betrayal: Sold Out by the Civil Rights Movement" at 8 p.m. Thursday, March 21, at Stetson University. His presentation, which is sponsored by Stetson’s College Republicans, will be in the Stetson Room of the Carlton Union Building, 131 E. Minnesota Ave. The talk is free and open to the public.

"Nationally-known entertainer"? I still have no idea what Jones is known for.

Jones will speak on "Betrayal: Sold Out by the Civil Rights Movement" at ICS. The hypocrisy is the think tank has offered a caucasian-only scholarship.

“I don't know why it's such a big deal,” he said. “I support racially exclusive organizations. You have the right to associate with who you will and disassociate with who you will.”

Mr. Jones, the Ku Klux Klan is a racially exclusive organization. Do you support them? The civil rights movement fought against the racial exclusiveness of Jim Crow laws. The conservative movement fought to keep Jim Crow in place. William Buckley was one of them.

If that is true, the South will not hinder the Negro from voting--why should it, if the Negro vote, like the women's, merely swells the volume, but does not affect the ratio, of the vote? In some parts of the South, the White community merely intends to prevail on any issue on which there is corporate disagreement between Negro and White. The White community will take whatever measures are necessary to make certain that it has its way.

What are the issues? Is school integration one? The NAACP and others insist that the Negroes as a unit want integrated schools. Others disagree, contending that most Negroes approve the social sepaation of the races. What if the NAACP is correct, and the matter comes to a vote in a community in which Negroes predominate? The Negroes would, according to democratic processes, win the election; but that is the kind of situation the White community will not permit. The White community will not count the marginal Negro vote. The man who didn't count it will be hauled up before a jury, he will plead not guilty, and the jury, upon deliberation, will find him not guilty. A federal judge, in a similar situation, might find the defendant guilty, a judgment which would affirm the law and conform with the relevant political abstractions, but whose consequences might be violent and anarchistic.

No one who supports racial exclusiveness should be taken seriously on civil rights. Jones is not being invited to speak because conservatives want to bridge their differences with the Left on civil rights. They want a black man to reforce their beliefs. This makes conservatives feel better the next time the fearmonger on gays and immigration. Just like they did on the civil rights movement.


At March 22, 2007 6:26 PM , Blogger Troy Irwin said...

This is Troy Irwin, Director of FSU ICS

You should get your facts straight before you start calling any particular organization a group of morons...
FSU's Institute for Conservative Studies was not the group that sponsored the "Caucasian Only Scholarship." FSU College Republicans was actually the group responsible. The two groups are very different in what they do on campus, and are run by completely different groups of individuals.

Thank you for doing research on the matter, it speaks to your legitimacy!


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