Thursday, February 22, 2007

Liz Campbell For District 3

Liz Campbell is running for the Florida House district 3 seat. She is a great story of how the netroots has donated thousands of dollars to help her fledgling campaign. Daily Kos has raised $4850.

Liz Campbell's grassroots campaign is catching fire. Thanks to your generous support, Liz has been able to run radio ads and send out mailers in the special election for State House District #3 and has closed the race to a virtual tie.

Party polling shows Campbell, a retired Navy Chief and community activist, down by only three points, 41-38, to her Republican opponent with a week to go (Election Day is Feb. 27). Campbell and her opponent - a career politician - have near identical name recognition in the district. Once viewed as nearly an impossible seat to win, this race will now come down to turnout.

Florida Democrats are now backing Campbell's campaign after seeing the netroots fundraising support. This is a chance to help Florida turn blue.

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