Sunday, February 25, 2007

Iraq is a Mess

"Democracy is messy."

Paul Bremer

How do you tell the Iraqis that this is democracy?

A suicide bomber triggered his explosive vest packed with ball bearings outside the School of Economy and Administration in east Baghdad.

Terrified parents converged on the scene searching for loved ones, some collapsing in horror at the sight of blood and human flesh splattered across the entrance of the building.

"They sold us out!" one man cried out, reflecting sentiment that an 11-day-old US and Iraqi security plan has failed to protect the city from those determined to foment sectarian war.

The White House doesn't understand that their talking points don't work on Iraqis. They see the daily horror of war. The Bushies slogan away with "mission accomplished" and "last throes." These people would be happy if they don't see loved ones blown beyond recognition.


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