Monday, January 29, 2007

Print Is Not Dead

DC Dave of Sticks of Fire left this comment at Blurbex.

print is dead, long live the internets.

DC Dave's comment was in response to an article about the Orange. The magazine was published by the Tampa Tribune and could never compete with the tbt. The publication did not publish an issue because the word cunt was written in an article. The piece was about an online store named the The Cunt Shop. In this instance, it would have been totally appropriate to use the c word in the article. Orange was geared to a twenty-something democgraphic. It's doubtful a child would want to read the magazine. I feel bad for Mitzi Gordon eing fired. Tom McEwen committed greater journalistic sins during his reign of terror.

I left a comment on why print media will not die.

"print is dead, long live the internets."

Long live small caps and quick use of slang terms that shows amateurish writing skills. I look forward to the Sticks of Fire staff doing independent reporting when print publications cease to exist. I have done some interviews and independent reporting on my blog. I interviewed two candidates and got Scott Montgomery on record on why the St Petersburg Times held back on the Mark Foley story. It's difficult when I don't have a media outlet behind me. I'm the first one to admit I rely greatly on the media services.

The Weekly Standard and Washington Times don't make money. They can still stay in business. (Both publications have conservative owners with deep pockets.) Moneymakers like The New York Times and the Washington Post aren't about to go under.

Is there anyone at Sticks of Fire that has something original to say? The two bloggers who have been published (are) either:

a). fixated on writing about her breasts.
b). fixated on making people angry at her.

If the media is dead then God have mercy on the people forced to get their news from blogs.

There is a joke in there about how many bad writers does it take to publish a blog.

Update: the unpublished Orange article is on Cunt Shop owner Liat Silverman's Myspace blog. It's pretty tame stuff.


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