Sunday, January 28, 2007


Another reason why I am underwhelmed about Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio winning a second term.

TAMPA - The mayors of Los Angeles, Boston, Dallas and Atlanta have done it. In Florida, the mayors of Miami, Tallahassee and 18 other cities have done it.

But to date, Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio has not signed on to the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement.

Iorio did not return phone calls (plural) to the St Petersburg Times. Why is she so afraid of answering the question? Unfortunately, Iorio is not running against a strong candidate.

Iorio will not have to answer questions about the MCPA. She will not have to address her support for property tax increases. There is also her fumbling with the expensive Riverwalk project.

Iorio has had problems finding a location for the Art Museum. One day it's Curtis Hixon Park. Another day it is the old courthouse. Iorio also managed to alienate the museum's board.

Color me unimpressed.


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