Monday, January 29, 2007

Hillary Coming to Naples

Hillary Clinton will be making a campaign stop in Naples, Florida. She is seeking the endorsement of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union. There will also be a cocktail party in her honor. Supporters will be asked to give $100 or more increments. Is it me or is there something odd about stumping Union workers and then attending a cocktail party fundraiser? This is the kind of stuff Republicans can use against her.

Hillary needs to create an image that she is like everyone else. Of course, she is not. She is a Senator and former first lady. George W. Bush was born into a life of privilege. He managed to sucker the media into his everyman image with some silly brush cutting. I prefer a President who would spend less time outdoors and more reading CIA pdb reports.

If a third generation Republican can do it then it's not impossible for Hillary. I suspect her campaign staff know this and will give her an Oprah moment. Her husband was able to bypass the old school media by connecting with voters on MTV. Hillary on Oprah is not as silly as it sounds.

Like many lefty bloggers - I am not a Hillary fan. I hope with Hillary running and Nancy Pelosi becoming Speaker shatters the glass ceiling for women.

Update: the Congressional Caucus for Women's Issues now has more members than the Blue Dog Coalition and the New Democrat Coalition. Speaker Pelosi is a former member. The CCWI has 21 Republicans. Don't expect abortion to be on their agenda.


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