Monday, October 02, 2006

More Pages Talk About Foley Emails

Shakes has a good post on Mark Foley. She links to a Chicago Tribune article that states former page Patrick McDonald saw emails to "three or four" other pages.

"If this gets out, it will destroy him," said McDonald.

Another former page, Matthew Loraditch, knew about Foley's sexually suggestive emails.

"They became explicit and similar to what we are seeing on the Web sites right now," said Loraditch, 21, who runs the U.S. House Page Alumni Association's Internet message board. "They didn't do anything beside telling other pages about it."

I agree with Shakes. It's amazing Foley kept a lid on this for so long. He certainly wasn't discreet about his predatory manner.

Foley was very involved in the page program. He even addressed the 2001-2002 class. That is strange. Considering, the GOP warned pages about Foley.


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