Friday, May 26, 2006

If Tampa Gets the Republican Convention

This is what Tampa has to look forward to if the city gets the Republican convention. Which I don't think is going to happen.

Protesters overflowing hotel rooms could create tent cities in public parks if Tampa is awarded the 2008 Republican National Convention.

At least 1,500 law enforcement officers will be called upon to provide security.

Nearly two miles of barricades will be erected.

The homeless will be fighting for park space with protesters. The irony is hysterical. Let's not forget all the residents of Harbor Island having to fight roadblocks to enter and leave their homes.

Tampa crashed and burned trying to get the Olympics. Ed Turanchik's plan to transport people with "high-speed watercraft" was my favorite moment. I doubt that the nightmarish Ashley Plaza Hotel will be suitable for GOP delegates. Tampa is just not ready to host either of the conventions.


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