Friday, May 26, 2006

Bill O'Reilly the Fan Boy

"Anyway, Kelsey Grammar and Robert Duvall were at this dinner, and [they] both said, hey, Dixie Chicks and all—these people should just shut up."

Bill O'Reilly

As much as O'Reilly tries to be a conservative pundit. He can't hide his inner-fan boy. Case in point.

At the Time 100 party a few days before this interview, the Dixie Chicks performed "Not Ready to Make Nice." Afterward Ms. Maines recounted, the Fox News commentator Bill O'Reilly — who has regularly denounced her, and whom she pointedly calls "despicable" — rushed over to greet them. "It's like, 'Just want to say that was great!' " Ms. Maines said. " 'I really like that new song.' "

"And I go, 'But two million tops, right?' And he goes, 'What?' And I said, 'I saw your show when you said we wouldn't sell more than two million, tops.' And he was like, 'Oh, ah, well, two million's pretty good these days, right?' And I was just like, 'Right, yeah. You were saying it in a positive way.' "

Ms. Robison interrupted, laughing. "That's what you call a no-spin zone."

Remember his interview with porn star Jenna Jameson ...

Jameson: You know, they automatically think, you're a porn star, you're nothing, you know?

O'Reilly: They think that you're a slut.

Jameson: Exactly.

O'Reilly: But doesn't it hurt your feelings when people judge you and call you "whore," "slut," things like that?

Jameson: No, I've never had anybody call me a whore or a slut to my face.

O'Reilly: To your face.

Jameson: To my face.

O'Reilly: You know they say it behind your back.

Besides O'Reilly's bizaree obsession with the word slut, he is also a huge Jameson fan.

August 2002: Jameson spars with Bill O'Reilly about the business of pornography on The O'Reilly Factor. After the interview, he requests copies of some of her films.

I heard that he got shot down down by Jameson. (Which is nothing new for him.) That should answer his slut question.


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