Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Jan Schneider Can Not Win District 13

The District 13 race between Jan Schneider and Christine Jennings is a classic case of the netroots v. the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Scheider's campaign is poorly organized. She is forced to run an online petition so she can "qualify" for the race. If not, she will have to pay $10,000 to get on the ballot.

Wayne Garcia reported that Jennings has the support of John Kerry and Barbara Boxer. Jennings is killing Scheider in fundraising. Jenning has raised $402,428. Scheider has raised $69,364. Nearly half of which is spent. Scheider has the backing of Daily Kos, My DD and Joe Trippi. It's all for nought.

Even if Scheider beats Jennings in the primary, which is unlikely, she will lose in the general election. She has already lost the District 13 race twice. The district leans red. Katherine Harris has won the district twice. That gives progressives an idea of how hard winning that seat is for a Democrat. It would be evenly more unlikely for a Democrat who can't raise campaign money.

My concern is the netroots will turn on Jennings when she wins the primary. That would be a mistake. I am more than happy to support Scheider if she wins the primary. What is likely to happen is that lefties fight amongst themselves and the seat stays Republican. The netroots screws itself and the Florida GOP wins again. We need to stop making elections about voting the coolest kid to student council and start working together.


At April 11, 2006 11:34 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At April 26, 2006 3:38 AM , Blogger SarasotaGuy said...

Unfortunately this comment is all too common. Most candidates for public office lose the first few times out.

Jan is a winner who has easily won the Democratic primary for this seat in the last two elections. Her opponent is the latecomer and the divisive candidate here, supported by people who keep backing losing candidates who will not stand up for anything. I mean, what is Jennings' position on the War in Iraq? It isn't on her website. She hasn't spoken about it. Jan beat her last time out. That makes Jennings the loser.

Go to www.VoteJan.com and click on "issues". You can see where Jan Schneider stands. Too many Democrats lose because they are too cautious to take a position, even when the non-Republican position is the more popular one.

Katherine Harris was one of the biggest sources of fund raising for the Republicans in 2002 and 2004. They just loved her for putting George in the White House. She had $3.5 Million in 2004. Jan Schneider ran a very effective grassroots campaign. She could not afford political professionals because the powers that be in the Democratic Party were scared off by Harris's huge warchest (no pun intended).

So, even though Jan had only 1/10 of Harris' money, she still came within 5% of winning. Even though she had 1/4 of Christine Jennings money, she did win the Democratic primary. Jan is immensely popular among Democrats, Independents and moderate Republicans in the 13th District.

Jan is one of the main reasons that Katherine Harris is being treated like a leper by most Republicans today. Jan's performance in two elections with only our local grassroots campaign showed them that Harris could not win the Senate. That alone is reason enough to back Jan this time for the open seat.

If Jan had had just a little support from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee or a group like MoveOn, she could have put some ads on TV in the last few weeks and won the race. As it was, she had to waste too much time and money in a divisive primary battle against Christine Jennings and her wealthy backers. If Jennings would drop out and support Jan Schneider with some of her fund raising expertise, then the Democrats could really pull this one off.

Did everyone see Jan on the Colbert Report last night? You can see the clip, titled
"Florida Politics" on the Colbert Report website.

Jan is now being suported by Joe Trippi, mastermind of Internet campaigning and Howard Dean's campaign for the White House. Joe is right when he says that community can beat money. If everyone who agrees with this was to go to Jan's website, www.VoteJan.com and donate just $5 ($50 would be better, but $5 will do.) Jan could win this race.

I thought that the Party was supposed to support the wishes of the voters, not the other way around. The voters here in Florida have clearly said twice that they prefer Jan Schneider to be their candidate. Why don't the big-shots in DC support her? Maybe for the same reason that they have been losing so much in recent years - they don't know what they are doing.


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