Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Hillsborough County Mayor Ballot

Taking Back Hillsborough County Political Committee is attempting to place on the ballot a vote for a county Mayor. The St. Petersburg Times reports how the language will read.

The first asks voters whether they would like to replace the current appointed county administrator with an elected mayor who is not a member of the commission and would be limited to serving two consecutive four-year terms. The mayor would be the executive in charge of running county government.

The second question asks whether voters would like to give the mayor veto power over commission ordinances or budget decisions. If passed, commissioners could override a mayor's veto if two-thirds of the board members approve.

Elections Supervisor Buddy Johnson has not decided if the issue will go on the ballot. Color me unimpressed. I like politicians with diluted power. The Founding Fathers did not want any branch of government to hold too much sway. Casual readers will say that the Hillsborough County Commission is horrible and has a Republican majority. The only people to blame for that is the voters. How else do you explain Brian Blair being on the Commission.

Flash back and remember how people were saying term limits were going to cleanup the Florida House and Senate. My experience is that the average person, who supported term limits, doesn't read a newspaper or vote. If they could be bother; they would realize that term limits didn't stop Johnnie Byrd's reign of corruption. See here, here and here.

TBHCPC head Mary Ann Stiles debated Ronda Storms on the Mayor issue. God, help me. I actually agree with Hurricane Ronda.

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