Monday, June 29, 2009

Someone Please Kill the Daily Loaf Blog

I am searching for the words to perfectly describe just how bad is the Creative Loaf blog Daily Loaf. There is the crash and burn attempt at satire. The fictional Charlie Crist romance novel is boringly pointless.

"Horrible doused with awful, that's how I'd describe it. Yikes," Litbrit told me. "Oh my God, and here I was thinking Gov. Sanford was the worst writer in the world!"

Daily Loaf stooped lower by posting nude photos of Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester. (I'm not linking the post.) Apparently, there is a sex tape. Creative Loafing felt the journalistically responsible thing to do was post several nude photos of Meester. It is sad to see a once great alt-weekly resort to trolling for traffic.

John Sugg did great investigative journalism for the Tampa edition of Creative Loafing. Former staff writer Alex Pickett wrote about the Tampa many people didn't see. Creative Loafing is not going to get out of bankruptcy by becoming a poor man's version of Fleshbot.

Side note: Litbrit's comment were aimed at the faux Charlie Crist romance novel and not Creative Loafing.

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