Sunday, March 11, 2007

:: Very Late Naked Brunch: Daylight Savings Time Sucks ::

I've been in retreat.  I needed some time to reenergize, which meant something had to give, and it was posting this past week.  Sometimes, there is just way too much going on to do it all. Basically, any free time I have had has been spent reading - I've gone through 6 books.

I am looking forward to Rip's "Decompression Chamber" tonight at 9PM central (check the link in the sidebar).  Since the stupid Daylights Savings Time (computer) headaches of the past week have managed to lose us all an hour today, I suspect more of you will be able to make it to midnight this evening listening to the wonderful music Ripley will offer.  (I'm also trying to track down my castanets.)

Glenn Greenwald speedslaps James Taranto and Rush Limbaugh as well as Robert Kagan and the Washington Post.  All of which is well-deserved.  While you are perusing Salon, you may as well see what he has to say about the "lost interrogation" tape relating to Jose Padilla

Who out there, other than Karl Muckraker Rove, actually believes George W. Bush and his machinations are wise?  Seriously...

This is somewhere between one of the scariest and most amazing informational videos I have seen. WOW.

This, too, I believe: It's alive!

There is something seriously wrong with this picture. But, ofcourse, that couldn't possibly be evidence of global warming....nah!

Jesus' General Book Report: 1984 and V is for Vendetta

How desperate are you Republicans for a job? Mixter has an idea for you.

It seems like, every other day, the rules are changed, and out of our hands to control. Using the rules to cheat us all.

After the impeachment? Well, there are still 680 days left. Damnit.

It takes a nation of Borats to hold us back.... yes, it does.

The Rude One on Why Jonah Goldberg Ought To Be Forced To Stare at Nude Pictures of His Mother

SXSW has begun you philistines. This past Friday and ending next Sunday, you could be completely enmeshed in the arts. And so could I. Next weekend. Yes. Yes. Yes.

As of February 27th, the date of my brothers birthday (the 23rd was the 20th anniversary of his death), I have stopped smoking. I actually began the process on my own birthday a couple weeks earlier, but had not actually stopped smoking my usual pack a day, but had trimmed down to 4 cigs a day by the 26th. I still want one on occasion and have had a few hits here and there just to see how foul they taste and they do taste foul. Unfortunately,they give me energy and focus and help with stress, I'm trying to find another way around those habits associated with smoking. The hardest part. Either that or my teeth are going to rot out from sucking hard candy. This is a really rotten time to be without a lover.

Be well.

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At March 14, 2007 10:10 AM , Blogger Vox Populi said...

This is an incredible post. I have to read it in bits because it's chock full of stuffings. I just got to the smoking part. They ARE foul. I know you know that the burst of energy you get is what they are doing to your blood pressure. I swear to all I know -- just quit. You'll NEVER EVER miss them after a time. Although -- occasionally I like to sit between smokers. That's enough. From a certain distance it can smell okay ... taste?? NO WAY. I like cigars sometimes .... just hits off of other peoples'. Anyhoo -- congratulations. A nice gift for your brother and yourself. And, don't forget == a reformed smoker is the worst kind. hehe Put up 'no smoking' signs and make faces when people light up. Generally be a major PIA if you can. LOL !
Thanks for all the information, you came back with a BURST, for sure


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