Friday, March 09, 2007

Mitt Romney Supports Employee ID Cards

I have written before here and here on how the Republicans hard line stance hurt them during the midterm elections. Mitt Romney is now pushing for employee identification cards. This would be costly and ineffective. Farmers who hire illegal immigrants don't bother to record their driver's licence and social security card. They pay them under the table as independent contractors. The Immigration Reform and Control Act makes this illegal. The past two administration's were less than interested in cracking down on the worst offenders.

Tyson Food is accused of smuggling illegal imiigrants in America. Tyson Food had to temporarily shut down plants because their employees were going to participate in pro-immigration protests. So why aren't the Feds raiding the plants and making arrests? Don Tyson has been a contributor to the Clinton and Bush campaigns.

Clinton pardoned Tyson executive Archie Schaffer. Hillary Clinton worked at Rose Law Firm. One of their clients was Tyson Food.

Romney comes from a pro-business background. I find it hard to believe he will go after the Tyson Food giants. He will whip up the xenophobic base to win the primary. That may cost his party the general election.

''The issue will loom large in the presidential primary because it's a high-intensity issue that appeals to conservatives, and Romney is positioning himself, but it's not where the majority of Republicans are,'' said pollster John Zogby, who conducted the Herald survey last year. ``If the Republican nominee takes a hard-line position on immigration, that candidate could be disastrous for the party. Hispanic support for Republicans went down in the last election, in part because of this issue.''

There is also the civil liberty issues and extra beauracy created by a needless card. It's not good ideas that matter in the GOP primary. It's bashing the Left and telling the base what they want to hear that counts.

Update: Romney wants English only schools.

In the CPAC speech in Washington, Romney said, “You strengthen the American people by securing our borders and by insisting that the children who come legally to this land are taught in English.”

That answers my fears that kids were going to be taught in the tongue on Klingon.

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