Monday, November 20, 2006

Hispanic Voters Turns to Democrats

I found nothing surprising about Hispanic votes swinging back Democrats way.

Another exit poll by the nonpartisan William C. Velasquez Institute found that Davis received 53 percent of the Hispanic vote and Crist received 42 percent. The poll also indicated that two-thirds of Hispanic voters cast ballots for Democrats in their congressional races.

"The question is whether this is a trend or is it a reaction in '06 to A) the immigration issue or B) the anti-Republican feeling nationwide," said the institute's Alvaro Fernandez.

Nowhere was the swing for Democrats more evident than in Miami-Dade County, where Democrat Luis Garcia was elected to the state House in a district that includes Little Havana and that historically has been dominated by Republicans.

Republicans wanted to used immigration has a wedge issue. The problem is it did more damage withing the party and to Hispanic loyalists. Republican Al Cardenas said as much.

"There was a lot of rhetoric during this campaign season that hurt the sensibilities of some Hispanics and the end result was a predictable step-back," Cardenas said.

I wrote these comments on Right Wing Howler on March 30, 2006.

Vilmar, say the words with me. The GOP is turning Hispanic votes away. What to do. Feed the inner-wingnut or win the midterm elections. Decisions. Decisions.

Conservatives such as Vilmar decided dissing immigrants was more important. Hispanic voters, across the country, turned to the Democratic Party and we know the rest of the story. Vilmar, on behave of Democrats everywhere, thank you.


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