Sunday, October 01, 2006

FBI Investigating Mark Foley

The FBI is now investagating the Mark Foley emails and instant messages.

Meanwhile, Dennis Hastert is spinning really hard. Check out the headline from his latest press release. Harry Reid has asked Attorney General Alberto Gonzales for an investigation.

Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid earlier in the day urged Gonzalez to investigate Foley's actions and those of Republican leaders, who he said ignored warnings about the Florida representative ``to preserve a congressional seat this election year.''

Hastert Drives Effort To 'Keep Kids Safe In Cyberspace'
Congressman leads community meeting
addressing Internet safety

If Hastert is so concerned about keeping kids safe from the internet then why did his office sit on the Foley allegations since last year. Stories of Foley's behavior with pages starting popping up in 2001. ABC News did a great public service breaking the story.


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