Saturday, May 02, 2015

Sarah Palin Accidentally Raised Money For Hillary

Sarah Palin gave a bizarre speech at the Steve King’s Iowa Freedom Summit. Palin's teleprompter was not working and Palin was forced to improv. The video below has some of the lowlights of Palin's performance art.

Palin held a "Ready For Hillary" sticker and mumbled these words.

I’m ready for Hillary, are you? Are you coming? Hey Iowa, can anyone stop Hillary? To borrow a phrase, ‘Yes we can!’ And it starts here and it starts now.

The Hillary Clinton took to Twitter to take full advantage of Palin's gaffe.

Palin's unintentional plug of Hillary's PAC raised $25,000. The Clinton campaign confirms that Palin now qualifies to be a co-chair.

Sarah Palin inadvertently gave herself a new title — Co-Chair of Ready for Hillary’s National Finance Council! Yesterday, we sent an email to our supporters telling you how Sarah Palin held up a Ready for Hillary car magnet during a recent speech.

The response we got was overwhelming — hundreds of supporters stepped up and Sarah ended up raising Ready for Hillary over $25,000 in grassroots donations. Here’s the kicker — by raising $25,000, Sarah officially qualifies as a Co-Chair of our National Finance Council.

(We will wait until Sarah calls before officially adding her name to the list.)

Palin has not made an official comment to the media. I can't imagine why.


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