Saturday, April 25, 2015

Obama & Bill Nye Diss Republican Science Deniers

President Barack Obama and Bill Nye recently visited the Everglades in Florida. Obama and Nye discussed the Republican Party's denying climate change. Despite the scientific evidence saying mankind is contributing to climate change.

When I see members of Congress being part of the climate-denier clubs and basically stiff-arming what we know are facts — and not rebutting them with other facts but rebutting them with anecdote or just being dismissive,” Obama said before Nye interjected.

“‘Oh, I’m not a scientist,'” Nye said, sarcastically repeating a common conservative argument against the phenomenon.

“I’m not a scientist, either, but I know a lot of scientists,” Obama replied. “I have the capacity to understand science. The capacity to look at facts and base my conclusions on evidence. Part of shifting our political culture I think, is we’ve gotta model for our kids that facts matter.”

If these Republicans say they aren't scientists then they shouldn't go around making false claims about science.

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