Monday, March 09, 2015

Mike Huckabee: Lightweight

Think Progress asked Mike Huckabee to cite an example of how gay marriage is negatively impacting Iowa. Huckabee couldn't cite a specific example. He just went into talking points mode.

“Iowans voted differently than the judges ruled, so you’ve got a conflict between the people and the judges,” he told ThinkProgress. “Ultimately, most states have made clear their position on it. The battle hasn’t been with the people. The battle has been with a handful of people in black robes.”

What is interesting is Republicans are no longer trying to make bogus science arguments. Conservatives used to trot out fake anti-gay experts like George "Rent Boy" Rekers. Now they dodge the prior bogus science on how homosexuality is a lifestyle choice. Ben Carson's comments on men deciding to become homosexual entering prison was so laughable that it was mocked by Glenn Beck.

Republicans have lost the public argument on gay marriage. Part of the reason is the GOP has politicians as dumb as Huckabee. How could Huckabee not see the question of the impact of gay marriage? Lightweight.

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